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About Me

It all started with a need for mice

I used to buy the fuzzy mice from either the grocery store or the pet supply store. The problem with those mice was the fact that they were glued together. Our kitties would play with them until the fur wrap came unglued and this hard clump of catnip would fall out. Sometimes this took a few days, other times only a few minutes!

I decided to try making some little mice and the first one was such a big success that I never purchased another store-bought mouse! Our kitties have plenty of little mice to play with now and they don’t come apart since they are sewn together. The catnip is USA-grown 100% organic catnip too.

Every so often I have to remove the storage drawer from the bottom of the oven and gather up the mice that wound up underneath. I don’t mind though as I know it means the kitties are playing and having fun!

That very first mouse has since led to a variety of other cat toys and also to cat beds. New designs are prototyped and tested by our own kitty crew so you can be assured that if its in my shop its because it is a cat-approved design!

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